Welcome Andrew Bresnen!

For the month of March and first week of April we are so pleased to have Andrew with us to lead Mysore Independent Classes Monday-Friday and Saturday’s Led Primary. About Andrew in his own words: When I was about 12, my first experiences with yoga were free form experiments with mediation that my older sister … Continue reading Welcome Andrew Bresnen!

About Parampara

Spend any length of time in an Ashtanga studio and you’re bound to start speaking another language without even realizing it. Our practices are conducted in Sanskrit and we talk daily of chakrasanas and suryanamaskar A & B. Then take it a step further, spend 6 months in a teacher training and your brain is … Continue reading About Parampara

Reflections on Encinitas

The series in Ashtanga have specific benefits and affect different parts of the body as you deepen your practice. The goal is to be always reaching towards Samadhi (the Eighth Limb and last stage of meditation when the person is completely out of consciousness). Tim Miller describes the Primary Series as Yoga Chikitsa (man’s first … Continue reading Reflections on Encinitas